Matt's Story

Full of love for their son and not at all accepting of the status quo, Matt's parents teamed with Phoenix area health professionals, building a network of support and founding SARRC, the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center in 1997. SARRC has grown by leaps and bounds into an internationally recognized nonprofit dedicated to autism research, education, evidence-based treatement and community outreach, advancing a lifetime of support for individuals on the spectrum and their families.


But Matt's progress was never so assured. It took hard work and dedication, not only from Matt, but also from the village of support that grew around him.


With high school graduation around the corner, Matt started SMILE  Biscotti out of his parent's kitchen in 2013. Through his tireless determination and one heck of a recipe, SMILE has transformed into a small business phenomenon for one of the Valley's brightest entrepreneurs. In October 2015, SMILE celebrated the sale of its 100,000th biscotti!


Matt is still on the journey to achieving his independence, but SMILE marks a huge step towards getting him there. 


Matt and his biscotti are showing the world what progress can look like. 


When Matt Resnik was diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), his parents, Denise and Rob, were told what a lot of parents of children on the spectrum were told at that time--expect to love, accept and institutionalize their son.