SMILE  Reviews

I love SMILE Biscotti! While I have my favorite flavors, they are all delicious and the texture is perfect--not too soft, not too hard. Careful. After you've had one, you'll want more!

Matt's biscotti are truly spectacular--the best I've ever had! The flavor is distinctive and the texture and baking time perfect. Big future for this baker.

Our staff and customers love Matt’s SMILE Biscotti!  In an age of shifting awareness, this flavorful product gives back; supporting conscious consumerism in a most delightful way.

Matt's dedication to his customers, the quality of the packaging and the biscotti, and the care of his product that gives SMILE a distinctive edge in the marketplace. I whole heartedly recommend it all! 

I think SMILE's business model -- and products are fantastic.  There is no way someone can't  be happy with their decision to buy from SMILE.  It's great work!

Yum! I don't normally like biscotti. I find it too dry or lacking in flavor. Even good biscotti can taste like cardboard. Not this one! This was probably the best I've ever had. They're awesome.

Sean Holstege

Arizona Republic

Simon Hewat

Owners Transitions

The biscotti was excellent; I shared it with a couple of wonderful staffers who also said it was delicious. The perfect afternoon treat with tea!

Peter Madrid

Cushman & Wakefield

Ned Foster

News Anchor 92.3 KTAR

Lance Burk

Duck & Decanter

The reviews are pouring in...the amazing SMILE Biscotti gift boxes I sent to friends and clients are a hit! I am getting calls left and right. Matt really made me look good this year...thank you!

Tim Blake

Landcare Unlimited LLC



Nancy Krase

Greendale, Wisconsin